Spring is here! And it's all about renewal.

Spring is the reward of surviving winter. The promise of change. The catalyst for growth and new beginnings.

This isn't just referencing nature. This is true for the mind and spirit as well.

The small bits of green poking out of the still cold soil. The warm days in-between the chilled. The hope of a new season and all the feelings that are associated with that are an awakening for us all.

Spring seems limitless. Full of potential for a fresh start. A renewed purpose and new life is waiting after the last frost.

We may do spring cleaning. A refresh and purging of everything that doesn't serve us. Why not do this more the mind also?

During the spring I like to focus on clearing out my physical and mental spaces. Letting go of old or limiting ideas. Reevaluating my reactions to situations. Looking deeply at my inventory and flushing out any resentments, fears, or emotional hangups that I don't want to carry into this new era of my life.

How do I want to grow? What new seeds of thought do I want to plant and tend to? What do I need to dig up and discard to make room for the bounty that awaits?

I decided to name my planner "Renew Planner" after much thought. I was tossing around many different buzz words, phrases, and names. But Renew felt right. It was exactly what I felt when my recovery settled in. I was new, my feelings were new, my life was new. I was taken from a fragile, broken thing and renewed through action into a strong, healing woman. I was changed. My spirit and beliefs were also renewed through the support of the people I met on my journey, and the relationships I was able to foster in my growth. 

Renew still means so much to me, and this time of year always brings back those memories of early recovery and the promise of eternal spring. Eternal growth. If I simply continued to water the saplings of change I had planted. 

I hope this spring brings you immeasurable growth, and spiritual renewal.