Don’t get so busy keeping up with everyone else’s lives that you forget to create your own.

Don’t get so busy keeping up with everyone else’s lives that you forget to create your own.

It’s okay to take a break from social media, and your phone.

Our brains aren’t meant to be bombarded with news, photos of people to compare our lives too, and notifications all day. Our attention can become spread so thinly between all the apps we scroll through that we have no mental space left to focus on what needs to be done in reality, in the here and now.

True presentness with ourselves is where the real change happens. No distractions. No falling down the rabbit hole of cat videos on YouTube. (Although there is a time and place for this.) No group texts. No emails.

Without a constantly distracted, needing to be entertained mind you can start to notice the multitude of tiny, previously insignificant things that go unnoticed in your daily life. A butterfly fluttering past your window. The shadow of a tree's shade dancing in the breeze. The satisfaction of a bite of a delicious meal, uninterrupted by a video or the need to flick a finger to scroll.

Instead of social media, take in another form of media. Put on a jazz or classical station. Listen to a podcast on your favorite subject. Finally get around to starting that audio book. Or simply get outside and go for a walk.

We have a limited time on this earth and squeezing the most out of every second is the best we can do. Be fully in the moment with your friends and family. Maybe leave your phone in another room for an hour or two to start. Maybe silence all notifications other than phone calls. Maybe set a strict time limit for scrolling in a day. 

I think the results will be worth the effort.

If you try/ or have tried this, tell me something you noticed or got done that you wouldn’t have otherwise.